DraftKings Will Not Have DFS Contests in Oregon

DraftKings Will Not Have DFS Contests in Oregon

DraftKings has determined that the operations that pushed them in the lead of the sports betting rankings are not significant anymore. Both FanDuel and DraftKings started by hosting DFS tournaments and other activities, but DraftKings appears to be gaining ground.

DraftKings abruptly shut down DFS activity in Oregon, displeasing several users and fans. FanDuel, on the other hand, does not mind since it is eager to welcome such participants.

On Friday, DraftKings unexpectedly halted its DFS operations in Oregon, citing concerns about the legality of DFS in Oregon. The actual underlying reason is that DraftKing wants to build a stronger relationship with regulators and the Oregon Lottery.

A brief discussion of the Scoreboard platform being taken over by DraftKings is underway, and removing any grey-area activity will let the decision-makers relax. The operator has been swiftly establishing new DFS activities in a few other regions but disagrees with DFS’s probable unlawful status; it decided it would be better to avoid making noise.

Concerns about the legality of DFS contests in Oregon were raised during discussions with the Oregon Lottery. It was about transitioning Scoreboard to DraftKings’ platform. 

Although DraftKings believes that they are legal under the law of the state, it decided there will be no more paid DFS contests taking place in Oregon effective 26th July 2021.

For several months, Oregon Lottery and DraftKings have been discussing the idea of integrating Scoreboard into the DraftKings platform. It is presently powered by SBTech. SBTech has had a problematic history in Oregon.

Following the successful acquisition of SBTech by DraftKings a little more than a year ago, there is a chance of Oregon Lottery ending its partnership with the company. However, there is no movement report since February when the Lottery initially recognized the potential of transferring to DraftKings.

FanDuel happy with the News

FanDuel is ecstatic to see DraftKings leave the DFS market in Oregon, and it’s welcoming its former consumers with open arms. FanDuel has previously stated that it will not be going anytime soon and will continue its DFS monopoly. FanDuel already has the greatest share of the US sports betting industry, and adding additional DFS clients may help the company’s digital gaming activities grow in the future.

Although there are no DFS regulations in Oregon, there is a rising worry that the gaming industry is under the target. In 2017, a measure to correct the record was introduced. However, it failed, and the state’s attorney general has remained mute on the issue.

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