How to Give the Best Odds by Playing Bitcoin Baccarat?

How to Give the Best Odds by Playing Bitcoin Baccarat?


Baccarat is a popular card game available in land-based and online casinos and it has become a favourite game for both casual and high rollers. With the best baccarat strategies, anyone can become a pro, grow bankrolls, raise winning odds and take the gameplay to a different level. 

About Bitcoin Baccarat

Bitcoin baccarat works in the same way as regular baccarat games with the only difference in the payment method. Traditional fiat baccarat games use fiat payment methods such as bank transfers and credit card payments whereas Bitcoin baccarat uses Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies to play the game. This offers additional advantages over fiat payments such as complete anonymity and privacy, high security, provably fair games, fastest transactions speed and low fees. 

History of Baccarat Game

The colourful and fascinating history of the baccarat game dates back to the 1400s. It was first invented by an Italian gambler named Felix Falguierein. The word baccarat is derived from ‘baccara’, an Italian word that means ‘zero’. It reflects the fact that all the tens and face cards have a value ‘zero’. 

Although the game began with the popular medieval tarot cards, they were soon replaced by the baccarat playing cards and made their way to France where the game was called Chemin de Fer. Between the 18th and 19th centuries, the game spread rapidly across the whole of Europe and now it is permitted in all online and brick-and-mortar casinos where gambling and betting are legal.

Strategies to Give Best Odds Playing Bitcoin Baccarat

Follow the Shoe – This is the most familiar baccarat strategy among gamblers which involves placing wagers on winning hands. The basic motive of this strategy is to get hold of winning streaks, believing that winning hands generally come in clumps and there is a higher possibility for a hand to achieve consecutive winnings.

Know Your Odds – Any baccarat variant will have three positions – the player, banker and a tie. The banker’s bet offers a winning probability of 45.84% with 1.06 % house edge, player’s bet offers a winning probability of 44.61% with 1.23% house edge, while the tie bet is divided into two groups – 9 is to 1 tie which offers 9.45% odds of winning with a house age of 4.57% and 8 is to 1 tie that offers the exact odds but with a higher house edge of 14.1%.

Bet-Case Strategy – The strategy works in the following manner – In the first round, players bet only one unit and if they get lucky, they will have two units with them. Add another unit to make it 3 and wager on it, in the second round. If the player wins again, he now has 6 units. Keep 4 units and wager on the remaining 2 in the next round. Repeat the process, but in case the player loses a hand, repeat the first step. 

1-3-2-6 Strategy of Winning – The main motive of this strategy is that the player gets a chance to win 10 units by risking not more than 2 units. Wager 1 unit on a favoured hand and if the player wins, make the next bet 3 units. If the player wins again, put two units in the next round. If luck is in the favour of the player and he wins again, wagers an additional 6 units in the fourth round. The winning pattern of 1-3-2-6 will earn the player a sum of 12 and 10 units in the fourth round which is entirely his profit.

Bet That You Should Always Avoid While Playing Baccarat

Overall, Bitcoin baccarat is one of the most popular and safest casino games for gamblers to wagering on. However, certain bets are safe and the players should always avoid unsafe bets while playing Bitcoin baccarat. 

Players should avoid a tie bet at any cost as it tends to drain a player’s pockets like crazy. A tie bet has the biggest payout – eight for one – but it also has the worst winning odds compared to other bets – the players and the bankers. The house edge for a tie bet is as high as 14.36% which means if the player makes a hundred wagers of $1, he can theoretically lose around $14.6 which is quite a big amount. 

All in all, a player’s main objective of playing baccarat should be to enrich his pockets and not lose money to the house.

Benefits of Playing Bitcoin Baccarat

Playing Bitcoin baccarat has multiple advantages over fiat baccarat games. Some of the benefits of playing baccarat with Bitcoin has been mentioned below –

  • Easy to Play & Simple to Win – All baccarat variations are extremely simple to understand and the players of any experience level can learn how to play the game in a few minutes. The easiest way to win a baccarat game is to follow a flat strategy of betting that will bring small but consistent winnings over time.
  • Anonymous Betting – One of the greatest advantages of playing baccarat with Bitcoin is that the players can log in to any casino that offers cryptocurrency without providing their financial or personal information. This means that they can play anonymously which is not possible in the case of fiat casinos that require players to submit their personal details and verify their identities. 
  • Fastest Payments – Bitcoin baccarat players enjoy superfast transactions, deposits and withdrawals. Most of the deposits are credited to the casino account in just a couple of minutes. In many cases, the casino allows players to have instant processes by paying a fee. At the time of cash out, the players can get their winnings in 15 to 20 minutes which is quite fast compared to fiat casinos, which take about 5 to 7 working days and sometimes, weeks to process. 
  • Provably Fair Algorithms and Lower House Edge – Bitcoin casinos have found a way to reduce their costs by removing intermediaries and thereby, offer lower house edge than fiat casinos. The average house edge at most Bitcoin casinos is about 1%. Moreover, Bitcoin baccarat games are available at online casinos where a provably fair algorithm is used in order to verify the randomness and fairness of the gaming outcomes. This means every player can look back on each bet they have placed to ensure its randomness and fairness.


To sum up, Bitcoin baccarat is a popular casino card game based on luck and a few top baccarat strategies. It is easy to understand why the baccarat table game has become the most preferred option for both beginners, casual and seasoned gamblers. With the best baccarat strategies, the players can grow their bankrolls, increase their winning odds and take their gameplay to a whole new level.

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