Terre Haute Casino Adopts Smoke-Free Concept

Terre Haute Casino Adopts Smoke-Free Concept

Spectacle Jack LLC has announced that it will make Terre Haute casino a smoke-free property. The decision has been taken considering the high pollution levels, resulting in bad health and strict ordinances against smoking in Vigo County. Spectacle Jack’s chairman, Greg Gibson, favored creating a non-smoking casino right from the start, and this decision aligns with his vision to offer a safe and healthy ambiance to players.  

Finer Details

This decision has been taken in collaboration with Hard Rock International. It comes across as a welcome step towards sending a positive signal to all stakeholders, including the government and society.

According to Gibson, it is mandatory for the company to analyze data and future trends to make creative decisions for enhancing the sustainability of the business in the future. This decision will add to the brand equity and help the industry set new benchmarks for safe and healthy practices. It is also important to note that the whole property will not become nonsmoking as only the casino’s main floor will comply with this regulation. The designers at Spectacle Jack and hard rock have designed an outdoor patio that smokers can utilize.

Important Design Features

Some of the significant features of the covered patio include eight table games and a total of 117 slots. The heating ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) system of the facility has been designed to channelize the air from inside to outside when doors get opened.

The HVAC positioning will be on the west side of the roof, which is away from the smoking patio, thereby minimizing any chance of smoking air entering into the building. Also, exhaust fans and ceiling fans will be employed to keep the circulation of air efficient and effective.

The building’s design is aligned with the various provisions that have been part of the casinos operating in the Ohio region. Jon Lucas, Hard Rock International’s chief operating officer, said that it is important for their organization that every customer who walks into the facility will feel welcome and gets a positive image of the facility.


It is a wise decision of these partner organizations to come up with the facility that will offer superior health prospects to gamers. Although taking this kind of business decision is quite a difficult task, this collaboration has shown that it is possible to move in the right direction with will and determination. All stakeholders will benefit from this decision, and it is expected to have a positive impact on the overall health and well-being of both employees and gamers associated with this casino.

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