Newburgh Mall Is Set to Open Its Own Casino by 2022

Newburgh Mall Is Set to Open Its Own Casino by 2022

Resorts World operates a huge $1 billion casino at Monticello since 2018. They want to open another casino at Newburgh. According to Resorts World, their new casino at the Newburgh mall will employ around 225 people. They also plan to keep the casino open for 20 hours each day.

The Newburgh casino plan has gotten approval from all relevant authorities, and plans have already been made to renovate and reorganize nearly a quarter of the mall for inclusion of the casino. 

On Thursday, 3rd June, Newburgh Planning Board approved the Newburgh gambling establishment proposal. The decision to allow a 1300 electronic gaming machine gambling hall comes only a month after Resorts World had submitted their final proposal. The other necessary approval for the casino was received from the Town Board a week earlier. The Board suggested a zoning change and accepted Resorts World’s plan.

Resorts World has agreed to pay $3 million annually to Newburgh to compensate for any additional charges incurred by the town due to its new gambling center.

Nearly 2000 workers will be a part of the project costing $32 million. The project will revamp the Newburgh Mall and set up the new Resorts World Hudson Valley casino. The Newburgh Mall is located at an important intersection of the Thruway and I-84 on Route 300. Resorts Valley hopes that construction will take around 12 months unless there are any Covid-19 related disruptions.

The annual GGR from the new Hudson Valley casino is expected to be around $160 million. A part of this revenue will be sent to the State to provide educational facilities. 

The Newburgh mall project was visualized in the context of a 2019 budget deal to allow Resorts World to move its video lottery machines from Monticello to Orange County. This deal will let Newburgh collect $780,000 from the GGR of the new Resorts World casino. This income will exclude the annual payment Newburgh will receive from Resorts World. Orange County will also receive $450,000 annually from the video lottery machines.

Resorts World had initially decided on location in Woodbury for their new casino but eventually changed the decision. The decision to select Newburgh Mall as the new location was declared to the public only four months ago.

A new casino in Newburgh will provide employment and economic boost to the town. It will also contribute generously to the development of many government facilities in the Hudson Valley and Orange County. 

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